About Us

Individualized. Focused. Care.

Our Mission is to provide focused and individualized physical therapy services with compassion and excellence. We are committed to being part of your team to maximize your physical potential.

At Harmon Physical Therapy we offer a unique experience that enables you to return to your physical activities quickly, with increased ease and confidence. Our treatment plans include the following:

  • Discussion to address your concerns, goals and accomplishments desired through your physical therapy program
  • Full body evaluation and movement assessment
  • Hands-on treatment using Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release and Joint Mobilization techniques
  • Customized home self-treatment program, including appropriate therapeutic exercises and progression
  • Treatment plan on how often and frequently you will need to follow up to address and correct your problem.

Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy can be broken down into 4 phases.

Phase 1
Decrease your pain and symptoms.

Phase 2
Identify and correct the cause of your problem once your pain and symptoms are under control.

Phase 3
Reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence of your problem by helping you make your body stronger, more stable and/or more flexible.

Phase 4
Providing you with the tools to help you treat yourself should the problem return.

My patients are like my friends and family and are treated as such. Each session is dedicated to you for the purpose of your well-being or recovery. Each session is yours and yours alone, never to be shared with someone else. This is how you should be treated. This is how you get better. This is how you are respected and cared for at Harmon Physical Therapy.

Michael Harmon, MPT

Owner and Physical Therapist, Michael Harmon, was born in Liberia, Africa, and later was raised in Wilmington, Delaware. After receiving his Bachelor of Science from The College of William and Mary, Michael went on to obtain a Masters of Physical Therapy from The University of Delaware. As a Physical Therapist for more than 15 years, Michael brings a unique combination of Outpatient Orthopedic experience, compassion, and the dedication to improve the health and well-being of those he treats. Michael is an expert in joint problems including: shoulder, knee, foot/ankle, low back and cervical treatment. Michael is an avid skier and loves spending time with his beautiful wife, Annie, and his energetic daughters, Edina and Eliana.

Harmon Physical Therapy Reviews

I woke up one morning with back pain that prevented me from bending over to tie my shoe! I literally walked into Michael’s office Monday afternoon, was diagnosed immediately and within the next 40 minutes his work on my spine relieved most of my pain. I could almost touch my toes again when departing his office. By the end of the week, after carefully instituting all the stretches and activities he supplied in illustrations and text, I could again touch my toes. I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am with the quickness of scheduling, along with the immediate relief I gained from Michael’s outstanding skills.

– Debra F.
Treated for back pain

Mike helped me work through my recovery from surgery. He did a great job assessing the state not only of my foot but the whole chain up through the legs, knees and back and how my broken bone was effecting the health of these joints and muscles. After my 6 month follow up, my foot surgeon is very pleased with my progress. Mike’s treatment and program helped me get through the toughest parts of the healing process. I’m now able to get back to enjoying most of my previous activities like golf and hiking. Mike is highly recommended!

– Joe C.
Treated for foot pain

Facing hip replacement surgery was NOT on my bucket list and I knew my number one goal would be to heal, heal correctly and get back to what I consider FUN…walking, walking and walking enjoying the out of doors.

Michael treated me after my hip replacement surgery. He was attuned to my needs and what best served me to aid in eliminating pain and gaining strength. Throughout rehabilitation, I became stronger, more stable and more flexible. Best of all, I am back to walking, walking and walking. Michael is my PT of choice.

– Sue L.
Treated for hip replacement